Ökologische Gartenanlage von Botanicus

Die Gärten folgen einer zeitlosen und traditioneller Aufteilung,
mit Bereichen für den Gemüseanbau, sowie verschiedene Parzellen
für verschiedene Pflanzen, Blumen und Bäume.
Sie wachsen zusammen in einer perfekten Harmonie
und Einklang mit der Natur.

  1. 1) Mönch Garten

    The garden 15 inspired by ancient medieval monasteries For these gardens a certain regularity is typical and there is maximum functionality of each part, as well as a certain spiritual quality we are sure you will appreciate.

  2. 2) Weisser Garten

    The meanings of different colours played a very important role in medieval times. White gardens were originally part of monastery gardens and a place where monks could find calm for meditation.

  3. 3) Gemüse Garten

    Growing vegetables has a long tradition in this part of Bohemia. our vegetable garden is designed in simple rectangular shapes Flowerbedsare organized into strips, which are disrupted by wider grassy paths in the middle. Here you can see a lot of difierent vegetable varieties, some of them very old and nowadays almost forgotten. Much thought goes into the planning and rotation of crops and ‘companion‘ planting.

  4. 4) Essbare Pflanzen Garten

    This garden leads to the crossroads which connects the oriental Garden and the yard for small domestic animals. Part of this garden features the non-traditi» onal fruit orchard.

  5. 5) Die Rasenflächen

    crassy lawns are used for relaxation. resting and tor theatrical. dancing. puppet and other penonnahces. There are walnut trees. which provide pleasant shade on hot summer days. For this new season you can enjoy permanent exhibiton of photos from lveoa Kopicova and sculptures of Jakul) rlejsar.

  6. 6) Einjährige Blumen Garten

    in this area there are annual ornamental plants used as cutting fiowers and for drying and several kinds of cherry trees.

  7. 7) Das Labyrinth

    According to the definition, a maze is a puzzle in the form of complex branching passages through which the searcher must find a route. it is like a real- liie quiz which is solvable and has a goal which is reachable. in our gardens you can try three different types of maze.

  8. 8) Orientalischer Garten

    oriental gardening skills are among the oldest in the world, These gardens were established in China as long ago as one thousand years BC, They can be understood as landscape pictures, which have rhythm; they avoid symmetry and combine the elements which might not seem connected butas a whole they act in a balanced and harmonious manner,

  9. 9) Tier Farm

    Come to the fence where the sheep and goats graze, and the the guinea 1owl, ducks and turkeys are all squabbling together! Enjoy the cheeky pigeons.

  10. 10) Bienenstöcke

    There are about so beehives at the edge ofme forest Bees are not naturally aggressive, but they should always be treated with respect and caution

  11. 11) Erholungs Garten

    This garden invites visitors to enjoy calm. rest and relaxation. The space is formed by wild grassy lawns emphasing two impressive figural sculptures made by lakub Flejsar.

  12. 12) Kräuter Produktion

    In the productive herbal fields there are difierent species of medicinal plants. which are then made into culinary oils, vinegars. cosmetic products. teas and mixtures of splces.

  13. 13) Himbeeren Stöcke

    The Remontative variety of raspberry plant (Ruhus idoeus l. ) (sometimes also called European Raspberry) was planted out in Autumn zoii. The raspberry plant is one of the oldest iruit species. it has been cultivated for its tasty iruit since the la"- century.

  14. 14) Arboretum (Baumgarten)

    This unique collection 010225 was established thanks to the special care of Dagmar Havlova in Manor Park in lany in 1998. After that it was moved to the garden complex at Batanicus. ll became the base of the project Arboretum of Dagmar and vaclav Havel. During the last yearthere has been the addition of some new sculptures from Pavel Opocensky, Monika Havll'Ekové and Lukas Rais.

  15. 15) Lavendel Felder

    in this part of the garden you can let your senses drift to the Mediterranean where Lavender originates. (Luvandula angustirblib L). it is an aromatic plant, belonging to the family of tamioccbe. There is no access to this area of the gardens

  16. 16) Sanddorn Allee

    Sea buckthorn (Hippophae mbmrroides L.) is grown on z ha This deciduous spiny shrub originally from Russia is very strong, unpretentious, tolerates salination and grows in varied climatic conditions.

  17. 17) Obstplantage

    The orchard boasts many old varieties of apple, pear trees sour cherry, cherry and plum trees. lt stretches over almost 2 ha.

  18. 18) Gründüngungspflanzen

    in this area we are growing different plants for green iertilization and [or composting All important nutrients are provided by a variety or species. tucern. tniolium or field pea supply the soil with essential nitrogen. We are also sowing some plants that will attract honey bees. There is no access to this area of the gardens.